Phyllis Mitchell Resident Spotlight

Resident Spotlight: Phyllis Mitchell

Phyllis Mitchell has only been a resident of our community for five months, but she already feels right at home.

Why Phyllis Chose Lakeland

What drew Phyllis to our community?  “Since I’d been there for therapy before, I was already familiar with Lakeland, and I knew some of the CNAs,” she said.

Now that Phyllis is accustomed to daily life at Lakeland, she commented on what she likes best about our senior living community. “I like the convenience of the available transportation to appointments outside of Lakeland,” she said. “I love the food and choices and options available with the meals here.”

Meals are prepared fresh every day, and residents have their choice of several entrees. Our cooks and dietitians work with seniors to cater to their tastes and dietary needs. Family and friends can dine in the dining room as well when advance notice is given. Room service is also available.

Phyllis said, “I like the great view from my room, the comfortable setting and the staff who work here. They are upbeat and caring.”

Labs and Geese

The resident grew up in Noble, Illinois. She said, “I moved to Effingham, Illinois for the simple country life where it is more affordable to live.”

Phyllis lived in the country with two black labs and geese. The dogs and geese went everywhere together and specifically to the creek. “They would come running as soon as I called for them,” Phyllis said.

She said she started college to become a teacher. “I realized it was not for me and so I went to work at a floral shop. I worked there until I retired and when my husband fell ill.”

Her Hobbies Are Plentiful

From gardening, cooking and entertaining with family to sewing, bingo, coloring and reading, Phyllis has a variety of pastimes.

What is she most proud about? “Jesus is my personal savior, and I look forward to seeing how wonderful heaven really is.”

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