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Meet the Lakeland Residents of Effingham, IL

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Stories & Success

We’re inspired by the lives of our residents and patients.


Carole Sidenstricker

Carole has been a resident at Lakeland Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center for just over two years. She didn’t visit other communities when deciding to move to Lakeland because she was in a hurry to find accommodations. It was a very quick decision and she decided on Lakeland due to its location and therapy program offered.

She says she loves the sense of community she feels here. There’s a special bond between her and many of the other residents. She loves the activities and all she gets to do here. She is our resident council president and this role has given her a new sense of purpose.

Carole came here from Jasper County, Illinois. She’s the wife of a retired Lutheran Reverend. She held many different jobs in her life. From working in childcare, to being a file clerk at a hospital, to managing a book store, and being a teacher’s aide while running a resource class room, she’s done a lot. Carole says the moment she is most proud of in life was when she helped young lady overcome a learning disability and then watched her blossom into a very successful woman.

Carole has had several hobbies in her life. She used to create greeting cards, garden, and do counted cross stitch. The hobbies she loves to participate in now while living at Lakeland are crafting, Bingo, teaching her weekly Bible study, and helping others acclimate to their new surroundings.

Carole’s friend describe her as dedicated, strong, caring, and very compassionate. She hopes her friends see her as being as strong as she has always been.

Marianne Buernekemper

Mrs. B

Mrs. B became a resident about a year ago and says this was the only community she considered at the time. It was a quick decision because she needed care that she couldn’t get at home. She feels she made the right decision because she is being cared for by amazing people and she enjoys the peace and quiet, good food, and the company of her fellow residents.

Mrs. B has lived in Effingham county all her life. She taught biology and physical education. She still loves teaching others and being around children whenever she can. Her favorite things to do include watching movies and TV, sitting by the fountain in the rotunda, talking with other residents and hearing their stories, and drinking coffee. Her favorite activity at Lakeland is playing with the therapy dog that comes to visit every month.

She is most proud of the fact that she raised 5 children – four boys and one girl. Her friends describe her as a caring person who thinks of others and cares for people. She’s a cheerful and pleasant person with a good sense of humor.

Margaret Fructl

Margaret Fruchtl

After looking at three other facilities, Margaret Fruchtl was impressed by the therapy department at Lakeland Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center and decided to settle down. Margaret lived in Sigel all of her life and came to Lakeland after she  lost strength in her legs. Her favorite things to do include embroidery, painting, writing, and reading. She is the last surviving family member in her generation. Her nieces on her husband’s side of the family come to visit her often. She was a teacher for 36 years and then used her time to read to children for 22 years. She would want the world to know that she has stayed active no matter her circumstances and she is most proud of the age she is. Her friends describe her as smart, intelligent, and most of all a caring and nice person.

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